Bottle Return Discount Program

We hate plastic bottles as much as you do and we’ve been trying to find an alternative for a long time now. But until a good one come along, plastic is still our friend. To minimize plastic waste and impact on Mother Earth, we are offering Bottle Return Discount Program to all our customers. If you are not sure how, why, where, etc. So, please use this as a guideline for your reference.

* This program only applies for clients in Singapore.*

How it works?

1) Once you finish your Happy Earth products that come in our original bottles (with our stickers), please clean it with hot water and baking powder. Then, let it dry.
2) Send your clean Happy Earth’s bottle (with Happy Earth’s sticker) to our warehouse in Singapore. Please email to inform us about your shipment.
3) Once the shipment is receive, our warehouse staff will take a few days to log in the item and examine the cleanliness.
4) Once it is confirmed, we will send you a discount coupon for each bottle returned.
– 500 ml —– $3
– 2L ———— $6
– 5L ———— $30
5) We bring the bottles back to clean again and refill.

Warehouse Address:
ATTN: Marzuwan (for Happy Earth)
Discount Return Program. Order#____(Please indicate your order number)_______
Stashworks Pte
Pandan Logistic Hub
49 Pandan Rd #52-02 Singapore

Please Note:

1) You can send more than one bottle at a time but we will issue the discount coupon for each bottle sent separately (If you send in 5 bottles, you will receive 5 discount coupon)
2) Discount coupons expires 3 months after it is issued and they cannot be used in conjunction with Happy Earth Reward Points or other offers.

3) Details may subject to change without prior notice.