Hi there 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 ,

We are Nok and Kampon, the founders, farmers and makers behind Happy Earth Farm - a small organic farm in Thailand where we make body care goods entirely from what we grow.  We are so glad you are here!

For almost 20 years, we have been working on this land which was once an industrial farm into a certified organic farm. Throughout this journey, we have learned so much not only about ourselves but also about the interconnectedness of all creatures on this planet.

You could say that our journey began in 2005 when our daughter was born and we returned back to our family farm. In retrospect, it all started long before that, when terms like 'climate change' or 'zero-waste' were not coined yet.

On this path we're on, we contimue to live, learn and grow. 


Years before starting the farm in 2005, we were both with local Non-Profit Organizations in resource management, forestry and alternative agriculture promotion for several years.

We worked along side with the hill tribes in Chiang Mai on projects that prevent deforestation.
We worked with villages in the North East of Thailand to protest against the construction of a dam.
We organized protests against the government’s policy to build an electric plant in the South of Thailand.
We interviewed community leaders on the impact of environmental policies and organic farming.

We saw firsthand how the government's approach and industrial development have had an impact on local communities, health and the environment. With growing frustration with capitalism, the government policies,  and the deteriorating state of health and environment, we felt like something radical needs to happen.

When our daughter was born in 2005, we realized that we could not wait for anyone to change the world for us. We need to transform it ourselves. So, we decided to turn our back from the capitalistic world to create the kind of life where we can truly be self-sufficient while reducing our ecological and environmental footprint.


Picking LimesLuckily, we have a family farm in Uthaitani. After quitting our jobs, we all moved back to the farm in the hope that our daughter could grow up in the most natural environment possible.

Despite the rocky start turning a once-industrial farm into an organic farm, we started to implement regenerative farming principles to grow food. Believing in the interconnectedness of all life forms on earth, we see our farm as a whole ecosystem where we need to work with the “life force” of Mother Nature to heal the earth and grow food without the use of chemicals. Not only do we avoid any pesticides or herbicides on our land, we also try our best to use only our farm’s own resources. For example, we make our own fertilizer from chicken poop. We rely on the farm’s biodiversity including bugs and bees to protect our orchard from harmful insects.

It was not an easy journey, especially when our own families didn’t understand what we were trying to do. People told us it sounds good in theory but it’s different in practice.
After a few years, there was one day when we felt like we couldn't do it anymore and wanted to give up. The next thing we did totally transformed our thoughts and feelings.

We looked around the land we have worked on. We heard birds chirping and bees buzzing in our field. Our rice, sesame and all our plants looked like they were all thriving happily together with different creatures on our land. That’s when we realized all our time and effort were not wasted. We were able to restore the vitality of the land and all that lived on it.  We were making Mother Earth happy. Hence our name;  ‘Happy Earth’.

Making No-Poo WashAt the same time, we also started to learn about different herbs and traditional healing wisdom from the locals. Stories from the past told us how people used to clean their bodies, how limes are great for hair and scalp and how people would pat their face with rice water before going out. The more we learned about it, the more we were inspired to replace our usual chemical body care products by making ones of our own. Partly too, because we wanted to preserve these ways of life for the future generations. At the same time, we felt like we could no longer trust profit-seeking corporations to have our best interest in mind.  


Within 5 years, we managed to get an IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) certification for our farm, and we were able to replace all commercial body care products we were using with ones of our own. At the same time, our farm started to bear more fruits than we could finish.

From then an, instead of just selling our crops to middlemen as cash crops like other farmers, we decided to use them to share our story, spread the philosophy of living in harmony with Mother Earth, and inspire change from within.

We're grateful for grandma and many old folks who shared with us stories of how they used to care for their body with products from the land. Combined with our knowledge of medicinal herbs and homemade body care products, we were able to come up with a line of products that are totally free from chemicals by using only what we grow at the farm. And we consider them the gifts from our land to the world.

Through these gifts, we hope to bring back the old ways of living and take people on a journey to self acceptance and reconnect everyone with Mother Earth once again.

Hopefully by sharing our story, we can inspire you to join this journey to live, learn, and grow together with Mother Earth.

Thank you for reading this far. You can learn more about our products, check out our Instagram profile or sign up to our Newsletter for the latest updates.

Sending beautiful rainbows
and butterflies from our farm your way wherever you are,

- Nok & Kamphon. 

Kind words of encouragement

  • Sarah T.
    The No-Poo Head-to-Toe Wash is the BEST Handmade personal care product on ETSY!!! This product is simply the best product I've tried in a long time and it doesn't get any better than this. It makes my frizzy hair so manageable! Each strand feels moisturized without any residue or build-up. It's the perfect body wash, too! My skin feels smooth and the fresh citrus scent is exceedingly refreshing. Dunno how exactly -  but it lessened the intensity of my migraines. Can't believe a single product can be THIS GOOD! Purchase several bottles and each bottle was triple wrapped with biodegradable materials. Inside is a nice handwritten postcard and a sample pack of organic Jasmine rice powder grown and processed at the same farm! It's a beautiful model of permaculture success! Seller has excellent communication. Need I say more? Try for yourself to believe.
    Sarah T.
    ETSY client, USA
  • Happy Earth IG Review
    LOVING my beautiful concoction of #nopoo organic homegrown 100% natural cleanser from @happyearthfarm. I use it like green gold (it's green inside). The lovely makers have their own organic farm in Thailand and produce this head to toe cleanser with only 3 ingredients, all grown on trees on their farm! In fact, this cleanser is SO organic and #nastyfree that the bottle recommends keeping in the fridge once open. It's moisturizing for my hair and the smell is like ripe fruits growing in an orchard! I love love love the product and the ethos behind it (swipe right to see my bomb volume wash results with just this conditioner) yes to the #crueltyfreelifestyle!
    Sakshi, Curly Girl Influencer
    @curlyandkind, UK
  • Tammy, US
    I am absolutely in love with the scent of this product!  The fact that it's only made with just a few, natural ingredients makes it the perfect mixture to add to any DIY body care recipes. After a day at the beach, I love using it in coconut oil and brown sugar scrub. It reminds me of being back in Thailand. It's great in body scrubs because the kaffir lime lends a beautiful refreshing note. I'm also prone to dandruff and itchiness on my scalp, so I have to do scalp detoxes weekly. This has also been great to use in my scalp detox. I blend up a cucumber, add the product, then add some rosemary essential oil to help promote hair growth. The bitter orange in the kaffir lime is an added bonus because it helps condition the scalp and hair. Done! This product is great it's only made with natural ingredients and doesn't require any preservatives because kaffir lime is naturally anti-bacterial. Beyond the actual benefits of this product, I'm in complete support of companies such as this one. I do my best to support small, independent, and like-minded companies that believe in using natural products that will not destroy the environment. Seriously, try this out!
    Tammy, US
    Amazon, USA
  • Zen Goddess, US
    Woah! I have never enjoyed lime eo but this cold pressed lime oil has a huskiness and fruity bite to it that lures me in! It sedeuces all my senses. I got it to use as deodorant under my arms while I detox and wow it lasts all day and my arms smell like lime! It is hard to find true quality cold-pressed essential oils and I am so fortunate I have found this place. The seller is amazing. Her personality makes me feel a kinship to her and will keep me coming back and recommending to others!
    Zen Goddess, US
  • Susie
    If you are looking for a great face mask, try this jasmine rice... All that is needed is some liquid to make a paste. I used water... also plain yogurt, can be use as well! I have only used once and my face was smooth when rinsed.. I'm sure with more use, even better results. I will report back again! This is a smll family run business with excellent customer service from the owner herself with personalized customer service! If you go to their store there is a little story about how the business came to be.. God Bless and hope the business will contimue to thrive. Warm Regards, Susie..
  • Alena Schiller
    This product has absolutely changed my skin. My skin type is extremely dry, and this body wash has made my skin silky smooth. I don't need to apply very much lotion afterwards sine the body wash leaves me super moisturized. Also when rubbed into the skin in the shower the aroma of the bodywash is heavenly. The scent reminds me of walking in a tropical forest. I will never use another body wash again. I will be a forever customer for however long they make this product! A huge plus is that it's completely organic with little ingredients which is already hard to find products like that on the market. All in all, it's an amazing product I can't say enough good things about it. Will contimue to recommend it to my friends and family.
    Alena Schiller
  • Anna Manuel, Australia
    Love the head to toe body wash - it’s kind to the skin and cleans well. It’s for lazy people like me — have one bottle in the shower to use however! Makes me feel better that it’s all natural and made with fair trade practices! Farm-to-Bathroom is my jam 🙂
    Anna Manuel, Australia
  • "I love love love these products. Happy Earth Farm embraces the concept of Food as Medicine 100%. Try it out and you will see! Cleanse and nourish at the same time. Thank you!"
    Delphine, SG
  • Mandy Chan
    Really love the message of this brand and the shampoo conditioner body wash 🙂 Especially the founder who is always so passionate to share on how to love the earth ❤
    Mandy Chan
  • Claire Choy
    I love Happy Earth products. I am using them for almost one year. The head-to-toe bath is just perfect for my skin and I love the smell as well 😊 with just three ingredients 😉
    Moreover, I find the farm's concept great! You just feel their passion in their products. Thanks 🙏🏻
    Claire Choy
  • Ignace Van Meenen
    😎👍🐌🐌🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🦅👍 We need more such inspiring people and initiatives!
    Ignace Van Meenen
  • Kailey
    This is my first time using rice powder for my face and it's been amazing for my complexion. It's a super gentle exfoliator which is great for sensitive skin. I've also made a big batch of rice water to spray in my hair. I'm happy to have found these products!
  • Karri P.
    Great packagining, quality mung bean powder. I love how soft my skin feels after exfoliating with rice and mung bean powder. Works well with coconut yogurt for a mask. My skin feel smooth.
    Karri P.
  • Jolene
    This is the second time buying this product. So Ive been using it over a month now. I love skin care! This past year though Ive experienced a lot of hyperpigmentation. And it feels like I have tried everything to even my skin tone. This is the only product I have seen any actual change in my skin tone. I do use it every night. I will be buying another bag soon!! Love this small business- love the customer service! Mon is top notch. Her kindness shins even through the messages.
  • Veronica
    Really good quality and arrived very quickly! I have been using this as a mask before bed every few days for a couple weeks, it noticeably helps even out red marks on skin from acne, and absorbs excess oil (but doesn't leave dry skin at all!)
  • Maxie
    I am so happy with both the product and the actual seller. Provided excellent customer service and the product is perfect for what we were looking for.