Bottle Collection - Singapore

Many of you know that we have been running a bottle collection drive in Singapore for the

Refilled bottle collection

past two years now. This bottle collection run is about picking cleaned shampoo or soap HDPE plastic bottles and reusing them as our refill bottles for online refill orders of the No-Poo Head-to-Toe Wash or Soap-Free Pet Shampoo. By giving another life to these plastic bottles, we can reduce the production of new ones, lower our carbon footprint, and play our part in this circular economy!

After collaborating with different organizations like The Social Space, Active SG, and UnPackt, we feel it’s time to run it on a permanent basis. Instead of you dropping them off somewhere, we are happy to pick them up from your doorstep for free if you have at least five bottles ready to go!

Here’s how it works.

  • Bottle Requirements

  1. HDPE Plastic bottle (#2) ONLY
    HDPE plastic can withstand high heat and can be sanitized without causing any chemical leaching. Hence, they are perfect for reuse! Please make sure you see bottle #2 sign.
    * Glass bottles are not accepted at this point.
  2. Types and sizes
    We now accept soap, shampoo, sanitizing alcohol or supplements bottles with close-up lids, pumping dispensers, and squeeze tops. They should be between 100- 1000 ml in size.
    * Bottles with foaming pump or spray bottle are not accepted.
  3. Cleanliness and smell:
    Please make sure they are clean both inside and outside, including the pump, should it have one. For cough syrup or supplements bottles, please make sure there is no smell or leftover stain. (You can leave product sticker on if you wish)
    (Quick Tip: Soak soap and warm water for 15 minutes to get rid of stubborn smells. Shake vigorously.)
  • Free door pick up for 10+ bottles

At this point, we can only do free door pick-up if you have 10 or more bottles. For those with less than 10 bottles, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive an update of our next Save the Planet with a Bottle Campaign with our local partners. (You can also get free tester refill there too!)

  • Fill out the below form

Please fill out this form to make sure your bottles meet all the requirements and arrange to pick up. We will get back to you in 3 business days. If you do not hear back from us, feel free to reach us at [email protected].

Hopefully, this is not as complicated as it may sound. We are also experimenting with this model and will most likely adjust as things go.  And if you have less than 10 bottles but really need to drop them off, please CLICK HERE to follow our journey and receive news on our upcoming bottle collection booth!

Thank you so much for joining us in creating a circular economy. Any effort, regardless of how small, does HELP!

If you have extra bottles that you don’t use and wonder if we can use them, please do not hesitate to give us a shout!.